Jacob Hill '19


Hill overcomes adversity on his way to leading Bluffton’s students


Jacob Hill ’19 from Dayton, Ohio, is dedicated to giving back to the people and communities that have helped him throughout his life. Hill, a business administration and accounting double major who was recently elected student senate president, has a personal connection and understanding to the difficulties that can arise in life. However, he also recognizes the impact communities like Bluffton have on others.

“The world can be a cold place at times,” said Hill. “I want students to know that when they come to Bluffton that not only are they welcome here as a student and as a human being, but we’re going to do everything we can to make them feel integrated into our community.”

Hill was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. But with a strong support system from his parents, he was able to overcome many of the obstacles and educational challenges that allow him to now pursue a college education.

“My mother was really willing to search for tutors that were able to work with me, not only in terms of preparing me at an educational level but also at a social level as well,” he said. “I’m really thankful for that support because not everyone has that in their own home.”

It is that support that has continued to drive Hill. “When I was growing up in Dayton, I always wanted to truly help out as many people as I could,” Hill said. One of his goals upon graduation is to go back to his community and “give back to the city that helped raise” him.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Hill is also a co-captain and distance runner for cross-country and track and field at Bluffton. Finding a balance between athletics, academics and other extra-curricular actives is crucial. “Time is a non-renewable resource. It’s really important to get the best out of every moment.”

Hill sees the benefit in gaining the most from his academics and hopes others use the resources on campus, such as the Learning Resource Center, to their fullest potential.

“I encourage students who may have a little bit harder of a time to enjoy their full learning capacity and full learning potential,” he said. “The LRC does a really good job about accommodating students to make sure that they get what they need in order to be successful.”

Hill was recently voted the next student senate president and will hold office in the 2018-19 academic year. Through his presidency, he sees the opportunity to “fulfill that long awaited dream of helping out as many people as I can and try to make campus a better place.”

He is humbled by getting the chance to represent his fellow classmates and sees the opportunity as a challenging but rewarding source of responsibility.

“I’m excited to speak on behalf of all of you to make sure that, whatever decisions are made on this campus, the students are properly heard. There’s change that needs to happen, and I hope I can deliver.”


Cara Echols ’19, PR Student News Writer

Jacob Hill '19

Through his presidency, he sees the opportunity to “fulfill that long awaited dream of helping out as many people as I can and try to make campus a better place.”