Building relationships


Dezman Brown

Dezman Brown builds relationships through athletics.

When Dezman Brown ’21, a business administration major, from Elyria, Ohio, isn’t on the court for Beavers basketball, he’s often there anyway as a head coordinator for intramurals at Bluffton University.

“I enjoy the position a lot because I get to interact with and help students have fun,” said Brown. “It give me an opportunity to build relationships with other students on campus.”

During the spring semester, Brown’s favorite intramural to referee is indoor volleyball. However, he’s also looking forward to some new additions including handball to go along with classics such as knockout. The increased intramural lineup is a way to provide some “friendly competition” while maintaining COVID-19 health and safety measures such as social distancing and mask wearing. 

A guard on the men’s basketball team, Brown is currently playing without the benefit of Bluffton fans on the sidelines (due to Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference regulations which will be reviewed later this month).

“It is different playing with no crowd,” explained Brown. “We have to bring our own energy and feed off each other to keep spirits high.”

While fans aren’t physically present to cheer on the 9-0 team, Brown feels supported as both a student and an athlete.

“I chose Bluffton to play basketball, but more importantly because it is welcoming,” said Brown. “I walk past people and always get a ‘hello’ or a head nod. It’s very close knit.”

Brown’s current favorite class is Corporate Strategy taught by Gary Schiefer, associate professor of business.

“I’m enjoying the class because it’s giving me the ins and outs to prepare myself for the business world,” said Brown.

His ultimate career aspiration is to own a multifunctioning sports complex where AAU basketball tournaments are held and rental space is available for additional businesses such as a barber shop.

“My main goal is to work my way up in the business world to maybe one day owning my own business. Bluffton is my first step to making my goals come true.”



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