Quincy Salcido


Quincy Salcido

Bluffton senior embraces leadership, relationships

Besides walking across the stage with a diploma in hand, Quincy Salcido already has a plan for graduation day. The senior from Van Wert, Ohio, is getting a picture with all of the people who have helped him succeed at Bluffton University. That way, he can always keep near a reminder of their encouragement and tough love.

“I tell them thank you, but I don’t think they understand my level of gratitude and care,” said Salcido, a business administration and sports management double major. “Tyson, Jacqui, Jason, Melissa, Chad, Iris, all of my coaches—there are so many people on this campus who have helped me in some way. Without their help, without them kicking me in the butt, I wouldn’t be where I am today or where I’ll be five, ten years from now.”

Salcido is referring to Tyson Goings, director of multicultural development; Jacqui Slinger, director of academic development services; Jason Swartzlander, professor of accounting; Melissa Green, associate professor of business; Chad Shutler, Salcido’s academic adviser; and Iris Neufeld, registrar.  

On his first visit during his senior year of high school, Salcido immediately felt comfortable with the people and the campus at Bluffton. 

“I knew this is the place I wanted to be; this is the place I needed to be,” explained Salcido.

However, he wasn’t the best student in high school.

“I was the way-average student. As long as I was getting by and I was eligible in athletics and the teachers and coaches weren’t getting on me about my grades, I was okay with that.”

He was accepted as a participant in the Discovery Program, a Bluffton University program designed to support students of academic promise who do not meet the initial admissions requirements.

But In his first year, Salcido found that his old habits persisted.

“My mentor for Project H.O.M.E. and Tyson and Jacqui all told me I needed to get my act together,” explained Salcido. “That snapped something in my brain. I realized, I’m here but if I keep acting the way I am now, I’m still not going to get anywhere in life. I’m not helping myself.”

Now, Salcido is president of the Multicultural Student Organization, a resident advisor in the Riley Court Apartments and a mentor for Project H.O.M.E. (Hope, Opportunity, Mentorship and Education).

Through connections developed at Bluffton, he interned at Wannemacher Total Logistics in Lima, Ohio, this summer where he learned to be “really flexible, really adaptable and roll with the punches.”

Salcido also played football for two years and ran track for three. This year he is a student coach for Bluffton University track and field.

“I’m like the assistant of the assistant,” Salcido joked.

However, Salcido has big plans to help future student-athletes succeed. His dream is to be a collegiate athletic director.

“I love building relationships,” said Salcido. “It’s something that’s important to me. As a first generation college student, I want to set the bar high. This is the perfect place to start.”


“I love building relationships. It’s something that’s important to me. As a first generation college student, I want to set the bar high. This is the perfect place to start.”