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Amanda (Foble '05) Sigmon

During Forum, Amanda (Fogle ‘05) Sigmon offered practical steps for building a growth mindset using the acronym GRIT.

using Tools for growth and resiliency

A social work major at Bluffton University, Amanda (Fogle ’05) Sigmon, returned to campus for Bluffton’s weekly Forum series on Feb. 6 to share the benefits of a growth mindset.  

“Growth mindset is a concept that the talents, abilities, characteristics that you have can be created within yourself,” said Sigmon. “Part of that is positive thinking, but the key is you have the opportunity to build it.” 

Sigmon offered practical steps and tools for building a growth mindset using the acronym GRIT:

Growth—continually learning and asking questions
Resilience—bouncing back from tough situations
Initiative—being an active problem solver
Tenacity—not giving up until reaching your goal

Combined, Sigmon explained these tools will help students thrive instead of spiraling in times of difficulty. However, she added a caveat.

“Some things that happen to us can’t be solved by simple reasoning. There are things that need medication, that need therapy, that need care,” said Sigmon. “But in addition to the other tools you have in your life, these are tools that you can choose to add to your toolbox.”

By actively implementing these tools, Sigmon explained students will be able to rewire their brains and make new neural pathways. That process takes about three to four months.

“These skills allow us to flourish and succeed,” said Sigmon. “Thrive versus survive.”

Now, a council partner manager with Girl Scouts of the USA, Sigmon previously worked for organizations including the American Red Cross, World Vision and Army National Guard. 

Sigmon saw the benefits of these skills first-hand after completing master resiliency training through the National Guard and sharing the skills with families dealing with deployments, moves across country and trauma. 

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