Because Bluffton is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music and an All-Steinway School, you can be assured that you will receive a quality musical education. Bluffton's music department is unique from other liberal arts schools in that:




  • Music* with concentrations in  
    • business
    • general studies
    • music ministry
    • performance
    • piano pedagogy

* The music major can be completed in 3 years.


Music major/minor

The music major, with five possible concentrations, prepares students for entry-level positions in fields such as church music or music retailing. The curriculum requires 45 semester hours in music and allows time to complete a second major in another department. Each concentration maintains a common core of music theory, music history, piano and applied study.

Many Bluffton music graduates have gone on to complete master's and doctoral degrees.

Kenzie Newberry-Music Degree

Kenzie Newberry '20, a music education major from Defiance, Ohio, was initially drawn to Bluffton because of the music program. In her time at Bluffton, Newberry has gotten a wide range of musical experience, helping prepare her for her dream career of being a band director.

“My people skills have gotten a lot better. I used to be super in my shell, and I wouldn’t go out and talk to people. Now I’m in front of ensembles, which is something I never thought I would be able to do.” 
>>>Kenzie’s story

  • Business allows you to specialize in a variety of areas artist management, arts administration, music retail or recording. 
  • General studies provides you the opportunity to specialize your music learning experience.
  • Music ministry prepares you for leading music in the worship service as well as participating in worship planning.
  • Performance studies provides an opportunity for you to develop skills in a performance area, preparing you for graduate study.
  • Piano pedagogy is the study of piano teaching. This concentration ensures that you will develop your teaching and business skills so that you will be successful in the area of private teaching.

Music education


The music education major is a licensure program that meets the Ohio licensure requirements and prepares students to teach both vocal and instrumental music pre-kindergarten through grade 12. Bluffton University music education majors have earned a reputation for excellence in Ohio public schools.

Kimberly Meyer-Music Degree

Kimberly Meyer, a music and music education double major, decided to step outside of her comfort zone by completing her student teaching experience in a completely new setting—Chicago.

“The more I learned about the Chicago program, the more I knew this is what I wanted to do.”
>>>Kimberly’s story

Explore the courses required for a
Major in music education

Complete a major in music education in four year with the following guildlines for students beginning fall 2019 and after.


Worship arts major/minor

Worship arts incorporates existing classes from the music, religion, art and communication and theatre departments, and prepares students for church positions and/or seminary. It will also bolster cooperation and increased involvement in chapel and campus ministry programs.


Music Degree

It is essential that students majoring in worship arts have a solid grounding in theology and be proficient in various musical areas, visual art, communication and theatre. While a worship arts major will be housed in the music department, it is a multi-disciplinary program that brings together multiple academic departments and the area of campus ministry.

Music Degree

Hannah McBride, a music ministry and worship arts double major, connects with one part of Chapel the most, music.

She schedules students to lead worship, often writes the benediction and sings with the praise band.
>>>Hannah’s story

Explore the courses required for a
Major in worship arts
Minor in worship arts

Complete a major in worship arts in four year with for students beginning fall 2019 and after.

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