Political science

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The minor in political science introduces students to the systematic study of power in society. The minor builds on the state-centric models common in the field with a unique focus on individual and community-level analyses of structures, behaviors and outcomes. The core classes of the minor introduce students to the current state of the field. Further coursework, through electives, is flexible ranging from prescriptive coursework on policy and justice to descriptive coursework on systems and history. Broadly, students can focus on domestic, local or international levels of analysis with economic, policy, legislative/legal or historic emphases shaped by both the courses and research interests. Those interested in pursuing careers in political science are encouraged to pair the minor with a departmental honors project.

Political Science minor
(18 hours)
PLS 100    Introduction to Political Science (3)
CRJ 180    Law, Justice and Society (3)
PLS 251   American Political Process (3)
PLS 272   Global Politics and International Relations (3)
PLS 285   Comparative Politics (3)
PLS 301   Constitutional Law (3)

August 2022