Returning RA Application 2015-16

Please read the job description and complete the application online. Note the deadlines below. The application has many parts you must answer, so please plan on using your time wisely. Your application must be received on time or you will be unable to continue in the selection process.

Applications from returning staff are due by 5 p.m., Feb. 27, 2015

After you submit this application, please make sure to send a current resume via email to

Describe the ways you have been excellent as an RA this year.
What aspect of being an RA next year makes you most excited?
How do you envision your approach changing as the role becomes more focused on building relationships next year?
What are ways you have created an environment that is supportive of a diversity of people, beliefs and ways of thinking as an RA (examples are great)?
How do you plan to go about building individual relationships with all of your residents, feel free to cite examples from this year?
I understand that any written evaluations submitted by faculty, staff or students will be confidential and I waive my right to examine and read these documents.