Ministry assistant application

Please list a pastoral reference: name, address, Name of church and phone number
What are your future vocational plans?
List the activities you have participated in at Bluffton University:
List two faculty/staff members (other than Tig Intagliata) who best know your qualities for being an effective staff member in campus ministries:
Why you would like to be a residence hall chaplain?
Describe your Christian experience up to this point in your life. How did you come to faith in Jesus Christ? What kinds of activities, experiences and relationships have helped you grow as a follower of Christ?
What strengths, abilities and qualifications would you bring to the hall chaplain position?
What is one of your weaknesses and how might this be a challenge in your ability to be an effective hall chaplain?
What do you understand to be the main beliefs and values of the Mennonite faith tradition? How do these beliefs and values fit with your own understandings and practice of your Christian faith?
I understand that any written evaluations submitted by faculty, staff or students will be considered to be confidential, and I waive any right I might have to read these evaluations.