Four year plans

The following are suggested four-year program guides for majors. They should not be considered contracts, as changes may occur.

Dedicated and ambitious students may consider three year programs for selected majors.

Adolescent & Young Adult Education
Art and Writing 
Art with multi-age license 
Biblical & Theological Studies
Biology (beginning even year)
Biology (beginning odd year)
Biology Major w/ Pre-Medicine (beginning even year)
Biology Major w/ Pre-Medicine (beginning odd year)
Broadcasting and Journalism
Business Administration - Plan A
Business Administration - Plan B
Chemistry (beginning in even year)
Chemistry (beginning in odd year)
Chemistry w/ Pre-Medicine (beginning even year)
Chemistry w/Pre-Medicine (beginning odd year)
Child Development
Criminal Justice (beginning in even year)
Criminal Justice (beginning in odd year)  
Early Childhood Education
English w/AYA licensure (beginning even year)
English w/AYA licensure (beginning odd year)
Exercise Science 
Exercise Science: Wellness 
Food and Nutrition: Business 
Food and Nutrition: Dietetics (beginning even year)
Food and Nutrition: Dietetics (beginning odd year)
Food and Nutrition: Wellness
Graphic Design  
History (beginning odd year)
History (beginning even year)
History Major with Social Studies Licensure (beginning odd year)
History Major with Social Studies Licensure (beginning even year)
Individual Designed Major 
Information Technology
Intervention Specialist
Mathematics (starting with Calculus) with optional teaching license
Mathematics (starting with Precalculus) with optional teaching license 
Middle Childhood Education
Music Liberal Arts
Music w/ Business Concentration
Music Education (beginning even year)
Music Education (beginning odd year)
Music w/ Music Ministry Concentration
Music w/ Performance Studies Concentration
Music w/ Piano Pedagogy Concentration
Physics (beginning even year)
Physics (beginning odd year)
Pre-Art Therapy (even year)
Pre-Art Therapy (odd year)
Pre-Medicine (beginning even year)
Pre-Medicine (beginning odd year)
Psychology (beginning odd year)
Psychology (beginning even year) 
Public Health (beginning even year)
Public Health (beginning odd year)
Public Relations 
Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology - Starting in Fall 2016
Social Studies
Social Work
Sports Information
Sport Management 
Sport and Recreation Leadership 
Strength and Conditioning 
Worship Arts
Youth Ministries