As a psychology student at Bluffton, your classes are designed to provide solid preparation for either employment upon graduation or for you to move on to graduate studies. >>>career options

Class sizes at Bluffton are small so you will receive considerable individual attention, and our faculty are dedicated to keeping up-do-date with changes in the psychology profession.

Studying neuropsychology at Harvard Medical School

Our students

Kala Jilani-Pritchett, a senior psychology major, spent a month at Harvard Medical School exploring the areas of neuroscience and neuropsychology, sciences involving the study of the brain.
>>>Kala's story."


We offer courses in the foundational areas, such as personality theory, social psychology, learning theory and abnormal psychology, and there is the opportunity to take elective classes in a variety of areas, such as gender issues, restorative justice and public health.

For those considering graduate school, you can develop skills in interviewing, conducting surveys and performing experiments. You will learn computer-based methods of analyzing data, and to write and present the results of investigations. You will also learn to be a critical consumer of psychological information.

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