Marbeck Center Policies

General Policies

    • Persons or groups should refrain from actions disrupting Marbeck Center's desired atmosphere. Distasteful or objectionable displays of affection are discouraged.
    • Lounge areas are for sitting, studying and conversation. Please refrain from placing feet on furniture, lying or sleeping in Marbeck Center.
    • All are urged to help keep Marbeck clean.
    • Food and beverages should be kept in their proper places. Items purchased in the snack shop should be kept in the Bob's Place or Loft. Unauthorized food and beverages are not permitted in the Gallery lounge.
    • Equipment and furnishings are not to be removed without the permission of the Director of Marbeck Center.
    • Only authorized personnel shall operate the sound system.
    • Only authorized personnel are permitted behind the information desk or in the mailroom.
    • Shirt and shoes should be worn at all times in Marbeck Center.
  • The Director of Marbeck Center is open to any student, faculty, staff or community member who wishes to offer suggestions or comments.

    Room and Space Reservations

Many rooms and spaces are available in Marbeck Center for student, faculty, staff and community use. These areas can be reserved at the Marbeck Information desk, by phone at ext. 3216 or via email at

Rooms and space are reserved on a first come first serve basis. Marbeck Center reserves the right to reassign space if necessary. The Commons may not be reserved for activities when lunch is being served. Bob's Place may not be reserved for private functions while school is in session, unless approved by the director of Marbeck Center.

Bulletin board reservations
Marbeck Center bulletin board may also be reserved. >>> University publicity policy

Bob's Place window reservations
The windows in Bob's Place may be reserved at the Marbeck Information Desk. >>> University publicity policy

Recreation Equipment Reservations
Students, faculty & staff may check out recreational equipment from Marbeck Center. Table tennis, pool, foosball and carpetball equipment are available for use and check out in Bob's Place. Basketballs, volleyballs and playground balls are also available for use and may be checked out at the Marbeck Center Information Desk.

The following policies apply for recreation equipment use:

    • Equipment may only be checked out with a valid Bluffton ID or driver's license.
    • Equipment may not be checked out overnight without the permission of the director or assistant director of Marbeck Center.


Mailroom Policies
Mailboxes - Mailboxes for all students, faculty and staff are located in Marbeck Center. Those who have not been notified of their mailbox number prior to the start of classes should contact the Mailroom Manager at the Marbeck information desk. Students are asked to have incoming mail addressed is the following manner:

Bluffton University (box number)
1 University Drive
Bluffton, OH 45817


    • Students are notified of receiving packages by a package card being placed in their mailbox.
    • Packages may be picked up at the Marbeck information desk.
    • Packages may be picked up between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. daily.

Forwarding Mail

    • During vacation periods, mail is held in the mailroom until student return to campus.
    • During the summer of after a student leaves the college, all first class mail is forwarded to the home address listed in the student directory or to a new address if a "Change of Address" form is completed and submitted to the mailroom manager.
    • All bulk mail and magazines will be discarded unless other instructions are given.
    • Bulk mail may be forwarded by filling out a "Change of Address" form and pay any postage due.
    • Daily or weekly newspapers are discarded during breaks unless a request is made to have them held or forwarded.

Mailbox Stuffer Policy
Any and all requests for mailbox stuffers must be approved by the director of the University Event Complex or an approved designee. More information about the mailbox stuffer policy may be found in the university publicity policy.

Marbeck Marketplace
The Marbeck Marketplace is a bulletin board forum for students to buy and sell books and other items. The following policies govern the use of this area.

    • All notices must be dated. Notices without dates will be taken down.
    • Sellers are responsible for crossing off items that are sold.
    • Notices will be removed every two months.


Box office

  • The University Box Office is open during regular building hours in Marbeck Center.
  • Credit card and checks are acceptable forms of payment at any time. Cash will only be accepted from 9 a.m.-12 noon on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
  • For more information about the Box Office, call 419-358-3000.


Lost and found

  • The Marbeck Center Information Desk is the location of the university lost and found.
  • Lost and found items will be held for up to the length of one academic semester. Any remaining items will be donated or thrown away unless prior arrangements have been made to pick up an item at a later date.


Visitor parking passes

    • Marbeck Center is the distribution center for visitor parking passes. Passes and the visitor parking pass record sheet can be found in a white binder at the main desk. Please note the following policies:
      • Passes may only be issued for one or two days.
      • Visitors should complete and sign the bottom portion of the visitor pass. the bottom portion of the pass should be kept in the black parking box at the desk. Visitors may only park in lots designated as visitor lots. Each visitor will receive a parking map from the white binder.
      • Students may pick up a pass for a visiting friend or family member.
      • Passes should be displayed from the front mirror of the vehicle.
      • Current Bluffton students may not be classified as visitors, but instead should get a temporary permit from Buildings and Grounds.