Termination of employment


At-will employment
It is Bluffton's desire that the employment relationship between the employee and the university be of a continuing nature and mutually satisfactory. Each summer, wage and benefit statements are prepared that project compensation terms for the coming academic year. However, these statements should not be interpreted as annual contracts by either party. Bluffton University operates under the principle of at-will employment. This means that neither an employee nor Bluffton University has entered into a contract regarding the duration of employment. (Please see the Faculty Handbook for exceptions in the case of the faculty tenure process.) Employees are free to terminate their employment with Bluffton University at any time, with or without reason. Advance notice of resignation should be given when possible. Likewise, Bluffton University has the right to end or alter the employment relationship at any time, with or without reason. Advance notice will be given whenever possible. Advance notice should normally be at least four weeks for both employees and the university to allow for transition planning, except in emergency or extreme disciplinary cases.

Insurance conversion privileges
In the event of an employee's termination of employment with Bluffton University or loss of eligibility to remain covered under Bluffton's group health insurance program, the employee and his or her eligible dependents may have the right to continued coverage under Bluffton's health insurance program for a limited period of time at the employee's expense. Consult the human resources office for additional details.

Exit interviews
Upon concluding employment at Bluffton, employees are invited to be part of an exit interview process with the director of human resources. This is an opportunity for departing employees to discuss their experience while at Bluffton, their reasons for leaving, and to offer their affirmations or suggestions for workplace improvements at Bluffton.

Return of university property
Bluffton University property issued to an employee for employment purposes must be returned at the time of termination. Employees are responsible for any lost or damaged items, the value of which will be deducted from an employee's final vacation pay. If vacation pay is not available, the employee may be asked to sign a wage deduction authorization form for this purpose.