Employee handbook


revised April 2012

Welcome from the president
Purpose of the Employee Handbook
An overview of Bluffton University
  Our mission
  Bluffton's values
  Community of respect
  Program description
  Campus facilities
  Governance of Bluffton University
  President's Cabinet
Employment information
  Classification of employees
  Introductory period
  Performance reviews
  Compensation reviews
  Work and payroll procedures
       Work schedules
       Overtime pay and "comp time"
       Time sheet procedures
       Pay period and direct payroll deposit
       Mandatory deductions from paycheck
       Absence or lateness
       Work on holidays
       Severe weather and emergency conditions
Employee benefits
  Sick leave
  Other paid leaves
       Personal day
       Funeral (bereavement) leaves
       Jury duty
  Unpaid leaves
       Family and Medical Leave Act
       Other unpaid leaves of absence
  Employee insurance coverage
       Health insurance
       Group long term disability insurance
       Life and accidental death/dismemberment insurance
       Unemployment insurance
       Social Security insurance
  Other employee benefits
       Retirement plan
       Flexible benefit options
       Tuition discounts
Termination of employment
Workplace policies
  Equal employment opportunity policy
  Harassment and intimidation policy
  Drug-free workplace policy
  Possession of weapons policy
  Computers, electronic mail and voice mail usage policy
  Computer software (unauthorized copying) policy
  Confidential information policy
  Communications standards policy
  Personal appearance policy
  Romantic relationships policy
  Department budget management guidelines
  Expense reimbursement policy for employee travel
  Vehicle use policy
Disciplinary actions policy
Appendix: general information
  Facility maintenance needs
  Identification cards
  Keys and cardkeys
  E-mail accounts
  Long distance telephone accounts
  Parking permits
  Dining services
  Library resources
  Recreational facilities
  Campus events
  Information sources
  Bluffton University organizational chart
  Sales tax exempt form