Nicci Frazier

I miss you

Streets of light and sound,

Symbols I love but cannot comprehend

Energy that vibrated my skin

& jerked my lips to smile. Content.

With you I was the optimist. Bright side and dancing in myself.


I scaled Great Walls and fears,

Went through stares and finger points,

And still I miss you.

Bus rides and bicycles,

Streams of people moving,

Honks and chatter I did not understand.

Markets of fresh fruit,

Lighters, postcards, combs made of wood:

“For you I give friend price.”

And so I walked away with more than I needed.

I did not get enough.


Dried lizards, star fish, silk worms on sticks.

I miss incense and road work, dust gathering on my toes,

Walking to every destination

Eger venders who came on too strong.

 “No, no.  No, thank you.

How do you say no in Mandarin again?

Inventing a new kind of sign language

Tibetan monks in orange robes

Birds in cages in public parks


I long to return,

To be rid of this homesickness.

To have fright give way to adventure,

To knock the dirt of ages from my shoes,

To be without and have everything.



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