Plea to MY Significant Other, the Traveller

Lauren Canaday 

Let me come with you, so our voyager feet may stroke pale sands,

Cobblestoned paths, and historical earth, and my eyes may refresh

From horizon to building, from sunrise to sunset, from fact to fiction.


Let me come with you, so my curious mind can finally be challenged,

And my Midwestern ears may hear hands upon harps, bows upon strings,

Foreign words strung like terracotta beads onto an eager piece of yarn.


Let me come with you, quench my constant anticipation, so I can eventually

Belong to the innovation of foreign coffee shops, comrades, conversation,

And awareness that breathe in your every day.  May you and I truly become we.


Let me come with you- Allow me to know the sudden rush in your stride,

The cornflower and olive sparks of knowledge in your eyes, the way to hold

A hand, knowing it is right.  I can pack my bags; we can take the next flight.


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