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Volume 2 Issue 1, January 2008      
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Danielle Nuzum

Elspeth stood in the last shred of sunlight before it gave way to the cave's darkness. She took a breath just as she had when she was a child about to plunge into the spring-fed pond above the town, but Nigel was no longer there to catch her and it was fire, not water, that she was daring now.


Robin Banks
Jonathan Wyse

The sun glinted off the gleaming crow black paint of a Buick Park Avenue on a swelteringly hot July afternoon. Robin felt the wind rush through the open windows and across her balding head, through her cloud colored hair as she cruised along and twenty miles and hour under the speed limit.


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Anna Lehman

Eden slowly opened her eyes, rubbing out the sleep and lazily gazed around the familiar travel wagon. Stretching out her six-year-old limbs, she sat up on her pallet, her auburn braids swinging onto her shoulders. The wagon's only window was covered by a rosy red blanket, bathing the wooden walls in a pinkish light. Eden laid down on her side, facing her mother's sleeping form. 

David Sellors Misplaces the Universe
Joe Sutter

David Sellors was a pretty normal human being. That is to say, he ate, drank, and slept, was made of a combination of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements, and understood some things and was baffled by others. But some people would have called him decidedly abnormal, in that one of the things he liked to do was sit down with a computer, some paper, and a large steel mug of hazelnut cappuccino and bang his brains against particularly nasty-looking equations involving quantum mechanics, the sort of equations that make most people extremely grateful that they majored in history or early childhood education.

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Kristin Ohlson

Love Bites
Nicci Frazier

The air was so tight and the sky so silent even the lazy fall of the snowflakes sounded like hammering. With her newly trained ear Amelia silenced the fat flakes of snow, focusing on the mansion in front of her. Every snow flake slowed in speed to the point of being able to be counted. Her bristled arms caught the wind that came and went just as she did--whenever it pleased. But it wasn't cold. The wind and chill had stopped being cold a long time ago. Even in nothing but her skirt, legs only covered by fish net, torso by a white tank top, the cold had no effect on her.


The Arising of the Queen
Amanda Lortz

Here in the world of Crestone, there is havoc! The peaceful planet has quickly tumbled into that of chaos as the selfish, greedy, and vile Telbron seek to steal what naturally belongs to the elves of Duradin. At first, we were forgiving. We let the seemingly sickly people take over what has belonged to us since the beginning of time. Now half of our land is gone and the Telbron people still desire more. 


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