English & Language

On a typical day faculty and students in the English/language department may be writing poems, watching a new production of Hamlet on video, discussing a slave narrative or thinking about how literary theory helps us understand the King Arthur story.

Whether your goals are academic or career-oriented, Bluffton offers dynamic teaching, scholarly excellence, and opportunities for creative and professional development.


* These majors can be completed in 3 years.

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BEavers all!

Jeff Gundy

Poet, professor and Fulbright scholar begins class with a chime. >>>full story


Study abroad


An integral part of the Spanish major or teaching licensure is a one-semester study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. In today's global marketplace, study abroad makes you more attractive to employers looking for professionals with an international outlook and proven ability to adapt to other cultures.

Be a published author

The Bluffton Literary Journal

Bridge: The Bluffton  University Literary Journal  gives young writers ages 14-24 an opportunity to become a published author. The first print edition was published in hard copy in spring 2017 and the first online edition was published in December 2017.