English & Language

Our English and language department dedicates time to the development of a range of skills in critical thinking, reading and writing. On a typical day, faculty and students in the English/language department may be writing poems, watching a new production of Hamlet on video, discussing a slave narrative or thinking about how literary theory helps us understand the King Arthur story.

Whether your goals are academic or career oriented, we offer dynamic teaching, scholarly excellence, and opportunities for creative and professional development.

Our faculty are experienced, professional writers and scholars who will help you in your academic program and advise you along your path toward a career in English and language.


* These majors can be completed in 3 years.

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English festival

English FestivalThe 35th annual English Festival is Nov. 13, 2018. High school students are invited to campus to take part in workshops and listen to an experienced writer speak about his work. >>> more



Study abroad


An integral part of the Spanish major or teaching licensure is a one-semester study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. In today's global marketplace, study abroad makes you more attractive to employers looking for professionals with an international outlook and proven ability to adapt to other cultures.

Be a published author

The Bluffton Literary Journal

Bridge: The Bluffton  University Literary Journal  gives young writers ages 14-24 an opportunity to become a published author. The first print edition was published in hard copy in spring 2017 and the first online edition was published in December 2017.