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Bluffton understands the challenges of going to school while working full time.

Bluffton offers the convenience of one-night a week and blended online professional programs that not only open up career opportunities but also allow for flexible, manageable degree completion that easily fits into a working adult’s schedule. With faculty and staff that are there for you, as well as a cohort of classmates to connect with, Bluffton’s programs create a learning community while allowing convenience and practicality for everyday life. With blended online and one night a week options pursuing a professional degree, or finishing your bachelors, has never been easier.

Britnie Loch


Britnie Loch ’11, MBA ’17 initially came to Bluffton to get a diploma. She knew she needed a bachelor’s degree in order to advance in her career. However, after finishing both Bluffton’s adult degree-completion and MBA programs, Loch realized she had gained much more than a piece of paper.

You’re busy, you really have to stay on top of things. Time management is huge. But with the program being one night a week, that was really convenient for me. When you have one class to focus on at a time you can give it your full attention.
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Bluffton Adult and Graduate Studies programs provide:

  • Experiential learning over lectures
  • Small group-based classes
  • Professors who are professionals and academics
  • Faculty and staff who help you achieve your goals

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