Admissions counselors

Adm counselors16-17

Your admissions counselor will be with you through every step of becoming a Bluffton University student. From answering your questions as you first start to explore Bluffton, to celebrating with you as you make your decision to become a Bluffton University student. You are encouraged to contact your counselor as you need!
Most of us attended Bluffton, so we can tell you what student life is like from first-person experience. Interested in hearing from a student? You will likely be called by a student from our office or, if you come for a visit, a student will lead you and your family on a campus tour. Take advantage of these times to ask any questions you might have.
Admissions team:

Robin Hopkins, Director of admissions
Jessica Brackman, Assistant director of admissions
Abbie Norton, Assistant director of admissions
Phillip Birkey, Admissions counselor
Chelsey Lloyd, Admissions counselor
Kaitlyn Kerr, Admissions counselor
Deanna Haan, Campus visit leader/transfer coordinator
Leah Schroeder, Personal visit coordinator
Emily Warner, Application processing coordinator