Emergency removal and return

This policy outlines how the university will respond in situations where students with mental or psychological conditions voluntarily request a leave of absence or withdrawal from the university for medical reasons or where the university must place such a student on involuntary leave or involuntarily withdraw the student from the university.

The dean of students, when made aware of a student's request or of a situation which could warrant involuntary leave or withdrawal, will work with the university's counselor for disability services the campus counselor, director of residence life and other appropriate persons knowledgeable about the student's condition to determine the best course of action for the student and the university.

This action may include a student's immediate removal from the university or university housing.  The university, through the dean of students, may additionally require a student to engage in counseling before continuing as a student at the university.  The student may be required by the university to provide information from a healthcare professional to the dean of students indicating the student's ability to continue at or return to the university.  The counselor for disability services will be involved where a student seeks a return to the university.

The following are some examples of situations that may be covered by this policy.  They include, but are not limited to:

    • Self-damaging behavior (examples include, but are not limited to: suicide attempt, self-inflicted wounds, ingestion of poisonous substances, overdose of medications);
    • Threats of self-damaging behavior;
    • Threats of damage to property or to other persons;
    • Interference with normal university operations or activities of its students, faculty or staff;
    • Damage to property of the university, students, faculty or staff;
    • Behavior indicating that the student is not in contact with reality or not aware of the consequences of his/her actions.

In cases which warrant immediate action, the dean of students or a designee may initiate an emergency removal from the university. The dean of students will make every effort to consult with the counselor for disability services before taking emergency action. The dean of students or a designee will notify the student of the decision as soon as reasonably possible.

If a student wishes to appeal a decision of the dean of students, the appeal must be made in writing to the university's counselor for disability services within five (5) university working days of the receipt of the decision. (All decisions sent to the student via U.S. Mail will be considered received in three (3) working days.) The counselor for disability services will consult with persons knowledgeable about the situation and present findings to the president. The decision of the president is the university's final decision.