Bluffton Blueprint

Alumni and friends are invited to contribute to the Innovation Fund with gifts and commitments to help Bluffton pilot and develop new innovative learning experiences for our students.

Innovation Fund

Achieving the goals of Simply Innovate - The Campaign for Bluffton

In particular, you are invited to help fund the start-up costs of signature experiences of the Bluffton Blueprint, the mission-centric and high-impact general education program developed for the Gen Z students who are now enrolling at Bluffton

The Great Adventure  





Bluffton will take all first-year students on a retreat in the Great Smoky Mountains over fall break to support academic success, spiritual growth and vocational discernment.
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A $100,000 goal is set for two-year startup costs.

Living in Community  






Beginning fall 2020, second-year students will engage in a high-impact, experiential learning course in Lima, Ohio, with community partners to connect their on-campus learning with a commitment to service.
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A $100,000 goal is set for two-year startup costs.

Cross Cultural  





Cross-cultural experiences have been a part of the Bluffton University experience for several years. We especially want to ensure that students can enroll in international experiences where program and travel costs are higher but the experience is "once in a lifetime."
More about Cross-Cultural Experiences as part of the Bluffton Blueprint >

A $100,000 goal is set to ensure that all students, regardless of financial means, can take full advantage of this transformational experience.

Christian values  








A student’s education comes full-circle during the final course in the Bluffton Blueprint, Christian Values in a Global Community, when students are challenged to answer the same question posed to John the Baptist.