Faculty scholarship grants

The university now has available three endowed faculty scholarship grants, each providing one six-credit-hour release over a two-year period. These grants are made possible by generous gifts by the Trollinger, Karl V. Schultz and Naomi E. Lehman families.

Karl V. Schultz Faculty Scholarship Grant

Rebecca Janzen received the Karl V. Schultz Endowed Faculty Scholarship Grant for the 2016-18 academic years.  Rebecca used her release time to complete the manuscript of her new book, Liminal Sovereignty:  Mennonites and Mormons in Mexican Popular Culture.

Proposals for the Karl V. Schultz Scholarship Grant are now being accepted for the 2019-21 academic years.


Naomi E. Lehman Faculty Scholarship Grant

Perry Bush, professor of history, was awarded the Naomi E. Lehman Faculty Scholarship Grant for the 2017-19 academic years. Perry is using his release time to advance his research for what he anticipates will be his next major writing project and ultimate goal…a publishable scholarly monograph on the history of the Farm Labor Organizing committee (FLOC).


The Trollinger Faculty Scholarship Grant

For the 2018-20 academic years, the Trollinger Faculty Scholarship Grant has been awarded to Amy Mullins, assistant professor of education. Amy is engaged in a collaborative project to research how the decisions of novice teachers compare to what they learned with regards to teaching and assessing reading.


Guidelines to apply for any of the faculty scholarship grants:

  • Endowed faculty scholarship grants are available to any tenured or tenure-track faculty member with a minimum of three years teaching experience at Bluffton University.
  • Applicants are required to submit a two to three page proposal which includes:
    • Description of the scholarly or creative work proposed.
    • Relationship of this proposal to previous and on-going scholarly pursuits.
    • The specific methods by which the scholarly or creative objectives will be achieved.
    • The theoretical and/or practical significance of the scholarly or creative work.
    • Possible venues through which the scholarly or creative work will be made available to the larger public.
    • The anticipated time schedule for completing this work, including the anticipated semester(s) in which the release time will be used.
  • In addition to the application, please attach a one to two page curriculum vitae, with attention to past scholarly achievements that would indicate the likelihood of success in the endowed faculty scholarship grant program.
  • Applications are due to the Faculty Development Committee by Nov. 30, with decisions announced by Dec. 14, for grants to begin the following academic year.
  • Applications will be assessed by the Faculty Development Committee on the basis of their objectives, methodology, significance, mission fit, likelihood of success and adherence to the aforementioned guidelines.
  • The highest-rated application will be sent to the vice president and dean of academic affairs and the president for their consideration and approval.