Moves, Additions & Repairs

The technology department can provide consulting information about your telephone service. We can help plan moves, set up new features, and help you get the most out of your telephone system. Call us at extension 3359 to schedule an appointment. We can come to your office to discuss what you are currently doing, and tell you what features we can offer to improve your service.


For moving telephones at Bluffton University:

  • Call the technology department as early as possible in the planning stages. This will allow us to help you early on, when changes are easier to make.
  • Send a memo/email to Art Shelly at least two weeks before the move needs to occur. This will help us make sure we have the needed staff and equipment available to handle your request. The memo should include:
    • Your Name
    • The date of the move
    • The buildings and offices to be moved from and to

For each telephone in the move, include the following:

  • The telephone number
  • What kind of telephone should be moved (business set, single line, fax, fax/modem jack)
  • The office room number of the outlet to be moved from (including building)
  • The office room number of the outlet to be moved to (including building)


For adding telephones to an office:

Send a memo/email to Art Shelly requesting the new telephone. This memo should include:

  • Your Name
  • The type of telephone being requested (single line, business set, fax/modem jack )
  • The building and room number where the telephone should be placed


Send a memo/email to the Art Shelly requesting that the telephone be removed. The memo should include:

  • Your Name
  • The type of telephone being removed (single line, business set, or fax/modem jack)
  • The building and room number where the phone is located
  • The telephone number of the phone to be removed


Bluffton University provides repair services for telephone equipment provided by Bluffton. We have a service agreement with Century Link, where a technician can come to your office and repair or replace your broken equipment on the spot. In most cases we complete repairs to telephones within 2 working days. Equipment purchased from other than Bluffton University may be repaired by Century Link, but may involve an additional service fee.

To call in a repair at Bluffton University:

  • Call extension 3359. Please provide your name, the telephone number of the broken telephone, its location, and a number where we can call if we need more information (NOT the same number as the broken phone, please, especially if the phone is completely out of service).

Common problems we can fix without calling Embarq:

  • Handsets that are broken
  • Handsets that have static in them
  • Replacing handset cords
  • Replacing base cords

Replacing a handset cord

If you have an analog (ash or beige) single line telephone, you can replace the handset cord yourself if you like. The cord unplugs from the lower end of the handset, and from the lower side of the telephone. You can bring the handset cord to Art Shelly's office, located in Centennial Hall (behind the Technology Center), and exchange it for a new one. Make sure to plug the new cord into the handset cord jacks, not the base cord jack. The easiest way to keep this straight is not to unplug the base cord when replacing the handset cord.

Replacing a base cord:

The base cord of the telephone is the cord running from the wall outlet to the telephone. It can be unplugged from the wall outlet and the telephone, and exchanged at Art Shelly's office in Centennial Hall (behind the Technology Center). Make sure to plug the phone back into the same jack where it came from, since another jack may not have any service assigned to it.

Any questions or problems, contact Art Shelly at ext. 3359 or email Art Shelly.