Same hall but different room

Students who wish to stay in the same hall, but move to a different room, or those who miss the room nesting deadline, will automatically relinquish their current room.

To select a room in the same hall you currently live, attend Room Draw at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 28, in your hall's main lobby. Both you and your roommate must be present in order to choose a room. If you plan to room with an incoming student, that student must be accepted, deposited, and have filled out the new student housing form to attend Bluffton in the fall, and must email to indicate the desire to room with you.

Once a room has been chosen, both roommates must submit the Returning Student Housing Form within 24 hours. The room will be forfeited if this does not happen.

Please note: not every open room will be available during room draw as some rooms will be reserved to evenly space new students throughout campus next fall.