Cross Cultural Housing

Policy and procedures regarding housing for students after commencement who will be going on cross cultural experiences in May.

This is a change in how we have done housing in the past so please be sure to read this information carefully.

Due to our need to begin cleaning residence halls for conferences and for security and staffing considerations, students will need to vacate campus if they live within a reasonable distance from campus and their experience is not leaving until later in the week. If an experience leaves early in the morning later in the week, we are asking that those in the area be willing to house others from out of town for the night as we will not be able to house them for one night on campus.

Students going on cross cultural experiences that will be allowed to remain living in the residence halls on campus after 9 p.m. Sunday night, May 5, (official check out time for all students) will need to fit one of the following criteria:

  • Experience leaves on the Monday following graduation on Sunday (those who live locally, we are still asking to vacate campus please)
  • Experience leaves later in the week and the student lives more than a three hour drive from campus. 


If you are a student who fits one of these criteria and so qualify to stay on campus, you will need to do the following please:

  • Fill out the extended-stay housing form - found on the residence life page to let us know you would like to remain in the halls (we need this for security and emergency information so we know everyone who is on campus at any time). If you remain on campus and have not filled out this form, you will be charged $50.
  • You will need to officially check out of your residence hall room with your HD or RA BEFORE 9pm the Sunday night of graduation (May 5). This means you will need to have your room cleaned and things packed or placed in storage so that the staff can check for damages and room condition. HD and RA's will not be available after that time to do official check outs so if you do not check out by that time, you will incur a $50 fee. Check out times will not be available Monday morning.

For security reasons, I would encourage you to have someone drop you off and not keep your car on campus while you are gone. If you need leave your car, I would encourage you to find an alternate location with someone you know to park it. This would allow someone to watch the vehicle more closely than we can on campus (we do tour the lots but cannot do this the same amount as if it were at someone's house).

If you have questions, please contact Kevin Williams at 419-358-3376 or email at

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