Student mentor application

We would like to provide you with a unique and exciting opportunity for the next academic year. The Project HOME mentorship program began as an initiative from the Damascus Road Team. One of the main goals is to focus on new underrepresented students to assist them academically, socially and transitionally into the Bluffton University community. We are looking for strong role models who can serve as mentors for the upcoming year. The requirements for becoming a mentor include the following:

  • At least a junior or senior standing at the university
  • A GPA of 2.7
  • Be in good standing with the university
  • Meet additional requirements for acceptance into the Leadership Development Program


Each person would serve as a mentor to one to two first or second year students for the entire year. Other obligations include:

  • Attend a Spring Orientation Session
  • Meet with your mentee at least two times a month
  • Attend the monthly workshops and socials  –  first and fourth Wednesday of each month
  • Participate in pre-season training and kick off events in August
  • Arrive early on campus in the fall (Tentative)
  • Make a commitment for one year to serve as a mentor


We ask that you plan to devote between 4-6 hours a month to the mentorship program. Several incentives to the mentors will include an alumni mentor of your own and a paid salary for your efforts (this does not count as an on-campus job).

Apply below!

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