COVID policies

Protocols for students
showing signs of COVID

Quarantine space for those who have been exposed to COVID or who are waiting on test results, are on two floors of Ropp Hall and includes furniture, access to food services and internet. More than 60 beds are available for quarantined students. While health care will remain accessible and available on campus, students may choose to return to their permanent residence to seek health care per the health plan developed before moving onto campus in fall 2020.

Daily symptom monitoring
  • Daily personal symptom monitoring: Students, faculty and staff with symptoms (fever, cough, body aches, etc.) will be required to quarantine until a return to day-to-day routine is authorized under medical and public-health guidelines. Students must report daily on before leaving their residence hall room. Daily symptom checks are also required for faculty/staff before they leave home. 
  • Social distancing: We are modeling social distancing in all aspects of campus life, including things like using larger spaces for classes, using hybrid in-person and remote teaching models and protocols for dining.
  • Wearing of facial coverings: We know that wearing facial coverings, along with social distancing, are among the most effective ways of minimizing the spread of the virus.  Beginning Monday, Aug. 3, it is our policy that all students, faculty, staff and guests on campus wear facial coverings indoors, per the Responsible Restart Ohio. Exceptions will be made for in private workspace/residence hall rooms or when wearing a facial covering is not functional (practical) and social distancing can be maintained.

Facial coverings

Students, faculty and staff and visitors through the admissions office will be required to use a facial covering while inside buildings or in the presence of another person outside while less than 6 ft. of distance. A face shield and a mask will be provided. Students are encouraged to supplement with their own supply of face coverings.

Social distancing
Safe congregating
In-person, socially distanced spacing with face coverings

Campus buildings will include educational signage on floors and walls. Please anticipate that foot traffic in many spaces will be altered to decrease population density, create one-way foot traffic and designate clear entrances and exits to buildings. Facilities will have sanitation resources, modifications and new expectations. It will be crucial for each community member to become reacquainted with familiar spaces.