Student life staff

Below are names and numbers of Bluffton University
student life staff you may need to contact.

Interim V.P. for student life and Director of Athletics Phill Talavinia 419-358-3248
Associate Director of Student Life and Title IX Coordinator and Director of  University Event Complex & Conferences Mark Bourassa 419-358-3217
Director of residence life and Director of multicultural student development Tyson Goings 419-358-3306
Director of center for career & vocation

LaShonda Gurley

Student life administrative assistant Amber Smith 419-358-3247
Assistant director of University Event Complex Kevin White 419-358-3218
University Event Complex administrative assistant Chris Gable 419-358-3216
Campus counselor Rae Staton 419-358-3449
Campus pastor "Tig" Intagliata 419-358-3219
Manager-campus bookstore Janine Paul 419-358-3452
Bookstore printer Janine Paul 419-358-3368
Dining service manager Michael Stewart 419-358-3212
Executive chef John Combs 419-358-3212
Catering manager Dana Motter 419-358-3455

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