Student life staff

Below are names and numbers of Bluffton University
student life staff you may need to contact.

V.P. for student life; Dean of students; ADA & Title IX coordinator Julie DeGraw 419-358-3248
Director of residence life Kevin Williams 419-358-3376
Director of center for career & vocation Shari Ayers 419-358-3030
Student life administrative assistant Amber Smith 419-358-3247
Director of multicultural student development Tyson Goings 419-358-3306
Assistant dean of students; Director of University Event Complex & Conferences Mark Bourassa 419-358-3217
Assistant director of University Event Complex Kevin White 419-358-3218
University Event Complex administrative assistant Chris Gable 419-358-3216
Campus counselor Rae Staton 419-358-3449
Campus pastor "Tig" Intagliata 419-358-3219
Manager-campus bookstore Janine Paul 419-358-3452
Bookstore printer Janine Paul 419-358-3368
Dining service manager Michael Stewart 419-358-3212
Executive chef John Combs 419-358-3212
Catering manager Dana Motter 419-358-3455
Bren-Dell Hall director Janelle Schmucker  
Hirschy Complex Hall director Tovah Wilson  
Neufeld Hall director Jeff Arnett  
Ramseyer Hall director Jena O'Brien  
Ropp Hall director Jacob Morton-Black  

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