Dan Berger

For him, continuing to support the Boy Scouts of America and his local troop is one way chemistry professor Dan Berger can help others. “I feel like it’s a way of giving back to the community.” >>>full story

Science alumni

Bluffton science department alumni have been featured recently in the Bluffton Magazine.

Dylan BurdetteDylan Burdette 
The Fredericktown, Ohio, native is the youngest of five in a family that was posted at several Native American and Canadian aboriginal reserves after joining the Mennonite Central Committee when he was 3 years old. When he was 13, the family returned to Fredericktown, where he was a home-school graduate. >>Dylan's Story

Todd Crail

Dr. Todd Crail '95
Lecturer, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Toledo
"I was a great example of what not to do," says Crail about his college experience. But, in what he calls "a unique situation," Bluffton was "a community that accepted me even though I was a real challenge," he says. >>>>Todd's story

Kirsten Halker-KratzKirsten Halker-Kratz '96 (chemistry/music) took a path that is almost impossible in four years at most other universities: she majored in both a physical science and in musical performance. For comparison, it took Professor Dan Berger six years to do the same thing at North Dakota State University. Kirsten is director of the West Philadelphia Branch of Settlement Music School.  >>>Kirsten's story
  Suzanne Parete-Koon Suzanne Parete-Koon '97 (physics/chemistry) completed her doctorate in astrophysics in August 2008 at the University of Tennessee, and was chosen as an American Institute of Physics State Department Science Fellow. >>>Suzanne's story
    Mafo Yakuba   Mafo Yakuba '09 Graduate student, Yale University
"The academic work at Bluffton is intense and my courses prepared me very well for what I am doing at Yale."  >>>Mafo's story
  Micah BoehrMicah Boehr '08

Graduate student, Ohio University
"Bluffton gave me opportunities to build upon all of my strengths through the ability to explore many different interests at once."  >>>Micah's story


Dr. William HammittDr. William Hammitt (Material Science '65)
While still a student at Bluffton, conversations with Ollie Diller and Robert Kreider guided Bill toward a forestry career. Before retiring, he taught from a text book he co-authored - Wildland Recreation: Ecology and Management.

Dr. Steve HamanDr. Steve Haman '95:
Steve surgically repairs major bone injuries that people suffer in traffic collisions and other accidents. Once the parts are brought together, nature takes over and heals the injury. "I put things where they belong and the rest takes care of itself."


David Lehman

David Lehman '68:
"My clinic and several others within the Denver health system set up an HIV early-intervention service to take care of people who had tested positive for HIV..."  

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