Success stories

Graduates of the religion department have taught college-level peace studies, taught counseling and community life in seminaries and performed church-related ministries in Africa, Japan, the Middle East and Taiwan. Denominations served by our graduates include Mennonite, Baptist, United Methodist and Catholic.

Ted Bible  

Ted Bible
What qualified as a leap of faith at the time, in 2006, has helped create ongoing ripples and relationships from Lima, Ohio, to Tijuana, Mexico, and back. Ted Bible's week-long mission trip to Tijuana that August was only the first of 10 he has now made to the Mexican city.
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Mark Rupp    
Mark Rupp '09
Volunteer, Mennonite Voluntary Service

"One of the most important things for me about life after graduation was continuing to live with a strong community sense. As someone who feels called toward ministry, I have become more and more convinced that being the Church is about learning what it means to live in community."  >>>more about Mark

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