Intern policies

Health guidelines:

Each dietetic intern is required to have a physical exam and submit a medical history form prior beginning the internship. This must include documentation of a 2-step Mantoux (TB test) or alternative screening taken within three months prior to the beginning of the internship, as well as all required immunizations.  Interns will also be required to have an influenza vaccine prior to Oct. 1.  These health requirements are based on clinical site guidelines and mandated by our facility agreements with supervised practice sites.  Interns who cannot meet these requirements may not be able to get the supervised practice hours necessary to complete the requirements of the dietetic internship.  All interns who may be residing in Bluffton University-affiliated housing must also have proof of a Meningitis vaccine.


Interns must follow the policies of the facilities in which they are located for each rotation regarding meal break times and may need to supply their own lunches. Some facilities provide reduced cost or free meals for employees or volunteers – benefits which are also available to interns on-site. Most locations do provide areas for students to store a packed lunch if they desire. (See individual rotation site information sheets). Interns may purchase a partial meal plan through University Dining Services to provide for their meals while on campus.

Dress code:

Interns are required to adhere to the practice facilities' dress codes, which usually includes modest business casual wear with close-toed shoes and may include wearing of a lab coat. Leggings may be worn under a skirt or dress, but MAY NOT be worn as pants. Interns are responsible for supplying their own lab coats if needed. Solid color scrubs may be worn during kitchen days of food service rotations and slip-resistant shoes are required for the food service rotation sites. NOTE: Dress is modest casual during orientation week, as Berky Hall is not air-conditioned, and is business casual during class or conference/field trip days.

Computer access:

Computer access is extremely important as many activities require research and writing. All interns are given a Bluffton University email address and internet access on campus. It is suggested that interns check their university email daily for pertinent information. Interns have access to printers and other services through the Technology Center in Centennial Hall. Interns may access the university's Musselman Library reference materials, including the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' Nutrition Care Manual, from on or off-campus.


All interns must carry professional liability insurance as a student dietitian as well as health insurance. Dietetics professional liability insurance is available through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and may also be available through your private insurance carrier. Interns are responsible for obtaining their own health insurance. Interns must maintain these insurances throughout the internship and must be able to provide proof of insurance at each rotation site.

Criminal background checks:

Interns are responsible for the cost of having a criminal background check, which will be done through Lima City Schools during orientation week. Cost is $60 and includes a BCI and FBI check.