Mental health


Global mental health movement ‘We’re All A Little Crazy’ 

Bluffton University will host the #SameHere Sit-Down, an interactive event produced by the Global Mental Health Alliance: “We’re All A Little Crazy” from 6-8 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 10. Held in Founders Hall, the event features opportunities for candid and revealing conversations with boxing champion Eric Kelly, DJ Archie Green and the founder of the #SameHere movement Eric Kussin.

The Global Mental Health Alliance is made up of influencers including athletes, celebrities, comedians and musicians. Bluffton, a Division III school, will be the first non-Division I campus to host the #SameHere Sit-Down.

Presenters will share firsthand experiences about the mental and emotional challenges they have encountered in their pursuit of excellence, along with a range of coping strategies they have developed in response.

The goal is to bring about a shift in culture that creates a comforting environment on campus where it is readily apparent that everyone faces life challenges and that asking for help, getting help and finding success, is not only possible, but is seen as a sign of strength.