Bluffton University Forum

Dr. Mark Bourassa, assistant dean of students and director of the University Event Complex, will present the Forum, " Bluffton's Honor Code in the World," at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 14, in Yoder Recital Hall.

During the presentation, Bourassa will examine the historical context of honor codes in the United States as well as Bluffton University. Bourassa will also reflect on the impact of creating individual cultures of integrity through the honor code.

Bluffton’s honor code allows individuals to commit to learning and living in an environment where the values of honor, honesty and integrity are fundamental to the way they choose to live and learn. These foundational concepts have been an integral part of the university community since 1918.

The honor system not only describes the university’s expectations related to academic integrity; it is understood that the spirit of the honor system is meant to pervade all aspects of campus life.  


Dr. Mark Bourassa