"Reviews of books for children"  Children's books building disability awareness, reviewed by Kathy Dickson

Abeel, Samantha. Reach for the Moon. Charles R. Pfeifer-Hamilton, 1994.

Alexander, Sally Hobart. Mom Can't See Me. Macmillian Publishing, 1990.

Ancona, George & Mary Beth Miller. Handtalk Zoo. Four Winds Press, 1989.

Bergman, Thomas. Precious Time. Gareth Stevens Publishing, 1996.

Betancourt, Jeanne. My Name is Brain Brian. Scholastic, 1993.

Booth, Barbara. Mandy. Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1991.

Brown, Tricia. Someone Special, Just Like You. Rinehart & Winston, 1982.

Butler, Beverly. Maggie By My Side. Dodd, Mead & Company, 1987.

Carrick, Carol. Stay Away from Simon! Clarion Books, 1985.

Charlip, Remy & Mary Beth Miller. Handtalk Birthday. Four Winds Press, 1987.

Corman, Clifford. Eukee the Jumpy Jumpy Elephant. Specialty Press, 1995.

Cutler, Jane. Spaceman. Dutton Children's Books, 1997.

Damrell, Liz. With the Wind. Orchard Books, 1991.

Davis, Patricia A. Brian's Bird. Illustrated by Layne Johnson. Albert Whitman and Company, Morton Grove, Illinois, 2000.

Disabled Children. What It's Like To Be Me. Friendship Press, 1984.

Dwyer, Kathleen. What Do You Mean I Have a Learning Disability? Walker & Company, 1991.

Eduar, Gilles. Jooka Saves the Day. Orchard Books, 1997.

Elliott, Rebecca. Just Because. Lion Childrens Book. 2010.

Ellis, Marvie. Tacos Anyone?. Speech Kids Press. 2005.

Fleming, Virginia. Be Good to Eddie Lee. Philomel Books, 1993.

Fullen, Dave. Lessons Learned. Mountain Books, 1993.

Galvin, Matthew. Otto Learns about His Medicine: A Story about Medication for Children with ADHD. Magination Press, 1995.

Garfield, James. Follow My Leader. The Viking Press, 1957.

Gehret, Jeanne. I'm Somebody Too. Verbal Images Press, 1992.

Gilmore, Rachna. A Friend like Zilla. Second Story Press, 1995.

Gordon, Michael. I Would if I Could. GSI Publications, 1993.

Gordon, Michael. My Brother's a World Class Pain! GSI Publications, 1992.

Haldane, Suzanne. Helping Hands: How Monkeys Assist People Who are Disabled. Dutton Children's Books, 1991.

Hill, Elizabeth Starr. Bird Boy. Farrar Straus Giroux, 1999.

Howard, Ellen. Edith Herself. Atheneum, 1987.

Kaufman, Curt & Gita. Rajesh. Atheneum, 1985.

Landau, Elaine. Living with Albinism. A First Book, 1997.

Lears, Laurie. Ben Has Something To Say: A Story About Stuttering. Illustrated by Karen Ritz. Albert Whitman and Company, Morton Grove, Illinois, 1998.

Lears, Laurie. Ian s Walk: A Story About Autism. Illustrated by Karen Ritz. Albert Whitman and Company, Morton Grove, Illinois, 1998.

Lester, Helen. Hooway for Wodney Wat. Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1999.

Levinson, Marilyn. And Don't Bring Jeremy. Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1985.

Lord, Cynthia. Rules. Scholastic Press, 2006.

Metzger, Lois. Barry's Sister. Atheneum, 1992.

Millman, Isaac. Moses goes to a Concert. Frances Foster Books, 1998.

Moser, Adolph. Don't Feed the Monster on Tuesday. Landmark Editions, 1991.

Moss, Deborah. Shelley the Hyperactive Turtle. Woodbine House, 1989.

Nadeau, Kathleen & Ellen Dixon. Learning to Slow Down and Pay Attention.

Niner, Holly L. Mr. Worry: A story about OCD. Albert Whitman & Company, 2004. Chesapeake Psychological Publications, 1993.

O'Shaughnessy, Ellen. Somebody Called Me a Retard Today... and My Heart Felt Sad. Walker & Company, 1992.

Ph. D. Huebner, Dawn. What to Do When Your Brain Gets Stuck: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming OCD. Magination Press, 2007.

Potter, Giselle. Trudi and Pia. Anne Schwartz Book. 2003.

Radin, Ruth Yaffe. Carver. Macmillan Publishing Co, 1990.

Ratzlaff, Aaron J. Quills. Herald Press, 2011.

Roby, Cynthia. When Learning is Tough: Kids Talk About Their Learning Disabilities. Albert Whitman & Co, 1994.

Rockwell, Norman. Willie Was Different. Dragonfly Books, 1994.

Shenkman, John. Physical Handicap. Franklin Watts, 1990.

Shreve, Susan. The Gift of the Girl Who Couldn't Hear. Tambouring Books, 1991.

Smith, Elizabeth Simpson. A Service Dog Goes to School. Morrow Junior Books, 1988.

Tate, Joan. Ben and Annie. Doubleday & Company, Inc,  1974.

Twatchtman-Cullen, Diane. Trevor Trevor.  Starfish Press,1998.

Welton, Jude. Adam's Alternative Sports Day: An Asperger story. London UK. 2005.

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