La Venta Park, Tabasco--page 3 (of four pages)

flourished 900-400 BCE


Stele representing two figures in a ceremony with another figure at the very top

Note the strange headdress and the belt with the small jaguar head

Large Stele of the King

The king is wearing a huge headdress and carrying a staff of command; above him are "flying" figures.

Large Stele of the King


Stele--figure with a standard

The bearded man wears an elaborate head dress. The standard is an effigy of an animal--a shark?

Stele with a young goddess

The depiction of women is rare in Olmec art. She appears to be topless with a pleated skirt.

The face of the goddess

Some authorities say her face has suggestions of the jaguar. (I don't see it!)

The Walker


Stone with incisions, parallel lines, and unrecognizable shapes

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