Welcome to the Woodwind Doubling Resource Project.


Adam Schattschneider

As a woodwind doubler with more than 20 years of collegiate teaching and performing experience, I have created this website as a resource to assist aspiring woodwind multi-instrumentalists. Based on research published in "Selected Pedagogical Practices of College Instructors of Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone, Indiana University, 1997, the site also reflects many years of practical woodwind doubling experience.

Although most information included pertains to flute, clarinet and saxophone multi-instrumentalism, double reed instrument resources are also included.

Regular updates are planned.


Navigation and Content

The user may navigate numerous topics, including similarities and differences of the pedagogy and performance of flute, clarinet and saxophone (tone production, embouchure and breath support, vibrato, flexibility, intonation, articulation, endurance, fingering systems, technique and overall control); methods of multiple woodwind instrument practice; general description and information regarding multiple woodwind instructors at colleges and universities in North America; as well as a comprehensive woodwind doubling bibliography and links to other resources on the internet. 

"Selected Pedagogical Practices of College Instructors of Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone" compiled the responses to an extensive survey of more than 150 woodwind specialists at colleges and universities in the United States. Additional content, based on many years of teaching and performing, is also included.