Switchboard Operation


When you see a triangle light flashing and hear a long, continuous ring

Push [1 pkO]

Answer: Good (Morning) Bluffton University  or  Bluffton University, may I help you?

NOTE: If it is an outside caller who has dialed 358-3000, a diamond shaped figure will light next to the gray 3000 button. If it is an on campus caller who has dialed 0 , a triangle will light up next to the 0 button on left of the switchboard.


Enter the appropriate extension on the keypad and press the red release button.

It would be helpful for their future calling to give out the direct dial number of the person they are trying to reach.

If the caller simply requests a transfer, say one moment please and transfer the call as quickly as possible.

If the caller first had a question or a series of questions and you ultimately decide to transfer the call to another office, explain to the caller who you are transferring them to and why.  This gives the caller confidence that their question or concern is being handled in a professional and efficient manner.  Also, give the caller the complete phone number in case the transfer fails.

To connect to a heavily called office, l ook to the buttons on the far right side of the switchboard. To connect someone to an office on the top row, just press that particular button and then press the "release". To connect to an office listed second, hit the shift key and then press the appropriate listed office key. Remember to hit the shift button again to deactivate the second row.


If you need to place a caller on hold to answer another line or to find out information for the first caller:

Press the orange hold button then press the red release button. To answer a different line, press the next higher line (usually 1pk1). 


If you realize that you are dialing the wrong number, press the RLS dest. button and start over correctly dialing.

Call Park:

To park a call for the Marbeck Custodian or another faculty/staff member, press call park and a number such as 6808, hit release and page the person, Bob, you have a call on line 6808.   The call can be answered on any campus phone.

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