Marbeck Center Services

Visitor Parking Passes

Marbeck Center is the distribution center for Visitor Parking passes.  Passes and the Visitor Parking Pass Record sheet can be found in a white binder at the main desk. Please note the following policies:

  • Passes may only be issued for one or two days
  • Visitors should complete and sign the bottom portion of the visitor pass. The bottom portion of the pass should be kept in the black parking box at the desk.
  • Visitors may only park in lots designated as visitor lots (give each visitor a parking area map they can be found in the white binder).
  • Students may pick up a pass for a visiting friend or family member.
  • Passes should be displayed from the front mirror of the vehicle.
  • Current Bluffton students may not be classified as a visitor.
  • When the supply of Parking Passes is low please notify the secretary, director or assistant director.

Recreational Equipment

Students and conference guests may check out recreational equipment from Marbeck Center.

During the academic year, equipment is available for use in the wooden cabinet in Bob s Place, and need not be signed out. During the summer, students and guests must get the gaming equipment from the front desk. Sign out sheets are located and should be kept in the purple folder at the main desk.  The following policies apply at all times:

  • Equipment may not be checked out overnight without the permission of the Director or Assistant Director of Marbeck Center.
  • Leave a note for the Director with names of persons who do not return or who damage equipment.
  • No racquetball reservations may be made over the telephone.  You may give out information, but advise the caller if they want to be sure of a playing time, they need to stop and sign up. Do not make exceptions.
  • Village kids may not use university facilities. The one exception to this is that Burcky Gym is open for the community on Sundays from 1 - 6 p.m. when school is in session. This is coordinated through the Athletic Department and questions regarding this policy should be directed to Phill Talavinia. Faculty/Staff and families do have privileges in Burcky Gym but this is coordinated through the Athletic Dept. only.

    NOTE: When signing out any equipment you must obtain an ID, room key, or drivers license, etc., that will insure that the person will return the equipment.

Room & Space Reservations

Many rooms and spaces are available in Marbeck Center for student, faculty, staff and community use. These areas can be reserved at the Marbeck information desk.  Please note that only the director, assistant director, or secretary may make room reservations.  The following areas may be reserved (capacity):

  • Purple & White Room (18)
  • 1899 Room (10) 
  • Kreider Board Room (80)
  • Consultation Room (14)  
  • Room A/B (30)
  • Commons (480)
  • Kiva
  • Gallery
  • Bob's Place 
  • Agora Alcove
  • Pilgrim Alcove

Bulletin Board Reservations

Marbeck Center Bulletin Boards may also be reserved. They are available in 3 sizes. Please note that only the Marbeck Center secretary, assistant director and director may make bulletin board reservations.

Window Reservations

Several windows in Marbeck Center are able to be reserved by student groups and campus offices. The windows above either stairway leading to the Commons belong to Marbeck Center Board. Other groups wishing to use these windows may obtain permission from the MCB chairperson. The windows on the south side of Bob s Place (facing Ropp Hall) and the windows on the east side of Bob s Place (facing Riley Court) may be reserved by groups, departments, and offices. Reservations may be made with the Marbeck director, assistant director and secretary.

Table Tent Reservations

Table tents may be reserved at the Marbeck information desk. These 60 table tents are 4" x 7" plastic sign holders that may be placed on tables in the Commons and Bob s Place. They may be used to publicize campus events or other information to the campus community. Please note that only the director, assistant director, or secretary may make table tent reservations.

  • Any official college organization or activity may reserve the table tents.
  • Table tents may only be used to publicize a student organization event, activity or college related information.
  • Table tents may be reserved for a maximum of 10 days.
  • The reserving party is responsible for returning the table tents to the Marbeck information desk within 24 hours of the ending reservation date.
  • Organizations will be charged $3 for any table tents not returned.
  • All organizational publicity to be displayed should be approved by the director or assistant director.

Copy Machine

The Marbeck Center copier is located across from the Information Desk. The copier will not operate without first inputting the proper access code. Customers wishing to make personal copies will need to have the desk manager enter the personal copies code (located inside the white copies binder) and pay for the copies being made. Copies are 10 for one side and 14 for back to back regardless of how many are made or if guests provide their own paper. All departments and offices have been assigned their own unique copy code.

Become familiar with the use of the machine, especially how to change paper, remove jams, and do back to back copies.

Computer Lab - Loft

Computers are located in the Loft of Marbeck Center. The computers are for faculty, staff, and student use only. Paper for the printer in Marbeck Center is in the mailroom. Be sure to use only paper designated for the computers in the Loft.

Lost and Found

The Marbeck Center lost and found box is located at the main desk. Smaller items are kept at the desk for a time or pinned to the bulletin board. Eventually these items are moved to the mailroom. It is important that when someone gives you something to be placed in Lost and Found that you leave a note as to when and where the item was found, and if possible the name of the person who found it. NOTE: It is unacceptable for you to use or allow someone else to use an item from the Lost & Found, such as an umbrella or a coat, etc.