Miscellaneous Information

Nature Preserve

The Nature Preserve is generally open to the public (non-organized groups) on a regular basis during daylight hours. The pamphlets (stored with the maps) should be issued freely. The Swinging Bridge is located near the College Cabin at the Bixel Road entrance. Fishing is not permitted at the Nature Preserve.


Be aware that there are atlases and several city maps at the desk in order for you to help guests. Learn which maps are there and how to read them, especially our campus maps. Give out maps freely, especially the campus maps, unless it is the last map of its kind. Please notify a staff member when the map supply is low.

Computer Labs

Computer labs are located at a number of locations on campus.  The main lab is located on the ground level of Centennial Hall.  Hours are posted in Marbeck Center. Other labs and workstations are located in academic buildings, residence halls and Marbeck Center. Guests in Marbeck wishing to use the computers in Bob s Place may request a guest login card at the Marbeck Center front desk. Login information cards are located in the front flap of the copy binder. Paper for the printer in Marbeck Center can be found in the mailroom. Be sure to use only paper designated for the computers in the Loft & Bob s Place.

Health Center/Counseling Services

The counseling service is located in the Health Center, in the basement next to the back parking lot of Old Ropp. The counselor may be seen by appointment only by contacting the Student Life Office, ext. 3247.


Library hours are posted on the bulletin board at the desk and on the main bulletin board across from the Main desk.  Be aware that hours are extended during the last 2 weeks of the semester.  Also the Library operates under different hours over vacation, break periods, and summer.  If hours are not posted for these times, consult the Library.

Keys Locked in Car

If someone locks their keys in their car they should call the local police office at 358-2961 (NOT 9-1-1) and report the problem to the dispatcher.  Do not attempt to help the person by getting a coat hanger, etc.  In the event the auto would be damaged as a result of our intervention, we may be held liable.

Lights left on in a car in the parking lot 

Often when this occurs a well-meaning person will come to the desk and tell you to find the person who left their lights on.  Usually, however, the car belongs to someone in the Athletic buildings, in a class somewhere, or in a Residence Hall. Announce over the PA system that lights are on in a car in the Marbeck parking lot. If there is a meeting or banquet in progress in Marbeck, it may be helpful to get a written message to the person in charge or a Marbeck Assistant (PA cannot be heard where meetings are in progress).

Dead Car Battery

Assist person by calling local garage (try Ken Lugibihl, etc.).

As a Marbeck Staff person you are only as good as your sense of judgment - use it! Do not hesitate to call the director, the assistant director or a Marbeck assistant when you are faced with a situation you cannot handle.