Mailroom Procedures

If you put mail in boxes please make sure the name on the mail matches what the box says. In most cases go by NAME before box number.If the name and box number do not match, do not put it in the box. Rather, do a little more research to find out what the correct box is. If the correct recipient remains undetermined, check with the Marbeck Center secretary.

From time to time students, faculty, or staff will want to change their mailing address. Address change cards are located in a box under the maps shelf at the Information Desk. They need only indicate the address to which they would like their mail to be forwarded. If the mail is only to be forwarded for a limited time, then that should be indicated on the index card. If we receive an address change card at the Information Desk, it will be shared with other departments on campus as well (Business Office, Registrar, etc.).

Weekend responsibilities

Weekend coverage of the mailroom is from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday. The mail will be picked up by the Marbeck Assistant on duty and it will be your responsibility to sort and put out the day's mail.

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