General Guidelines

Reporting to Work

Report to work on time.  In fact, try to come a few minutes early so the person before you can tell you about any special projects or activities. Time sheets are kept at the front desk. Fill both sides of the time sheet out accordingly.  Fill in the times when you arrive and leave (to the minute), not according to your scheduled time.


Front desk and mailroom employees must wear the blue Marbeck Center shirts when working. In addition, nametags must be worn at all times.  Jeans are okay, but must be neat and clean.  Please - nice, lengthy dress shorts.  Gym clothes or sweats are unacceptable.


Please wear your nametag at all times when on duty at the desk.

Shift Responsibility

If you are unable to work a shift YOU are responsible to find someone else to fill in for you.  If you leave a note on the bulletin board for someone to take a shift make sure to check back and make sure someone has agreed to take it.  You may need to call people if no one has signed up for it.  Just putting the note up is not considered finding someone for your shift! Only contracted Desk Managers, Mail Clerks or Marbeck Assistants may work at the desk.  Time lost due to using a substitute is not always regained.  If you need hours, leave your name at the desk as one to call first if a substitute is needed. 

Staff Meetings

You are expected to attend any meeting scheduled by the Director of University Event Complex, the Assistant Director of University Event Complex, or the University Event Complex Secretary. If you cannot attend a meeting, contact the Secretary in advance. Priority for scheduling is given to those who attend meetings.  All scheduled meetings that you attend should be recorded on your time sheet as time worked.

Staff Training

You are expected to attend the staff training sessions facilitated by the Career Development Center.  There will be one workshop each semester.  It will be offered at multiple times.

Visitors for the Director or Assistant Director

Occasionally, guests will approach the front desk and ask to see the director or assistant director. Ask for the guest's name and use the campus phone (not the switchboard) to call the director (x3217) or assistant director (x3218) to let them know the guest is waiting.

Office Computers

The computers at the workstations of the director, assistant director, or secretary are strictly off-limits to students or others in the mailroom. The computer(s) located at the main desk may be used by desk managers and mail clerks.

Building Cleanliness 

Be concerned with the appearance of Marbeck Center, especially the upper level.  Keep the switchboard area neat.  The front materials shelf should be checked.  Be aware of the condition of the upper levels of Marbeck.  Straighten furniture, pick up trash in the hallways (especially mail room hallways and in front of desk), etc.  If any accidents occur while you are on duty (e.g. spilled drinks or any other such calamities) you are responsible for seeing that they are cleaned up.  If necessary, contact a Marbeck Assistant or custodian on duty.

Special Projects

Always be ready to work on special projects.  Although working on homework or studying can be the norm and is quite acceptable, it must be the last resort. You should look for work while on duty.  Work on a task until it is completed. Complete tasks assigned by University Event Complex staff in a timely, efficient manner.

Marbeck Assistants

Three students are hired to help with setups and serve in the absence of the Director and Assistant Director and are trained to act in their stead. They should be contacted if the Director or Assistant Director cannot be reached.  See the assistants schedule or evening order to contact sheet at Marbeck desk.

Duty Cell Phone

There is a cell phone that is used by the Marbeck Assistant on duty.  If you need assistance, use the phone to contact a Marbeck Assistant. The phone number is:  (419) 303-2682

This number is local to campus. Simply dial 5 and the full number, including the area code.

Marbeck Center Web Page

There is quite a bit of information regarding the policies, procedures and services that are available for students on the Marbeck Center Web Page.  Please become familiar with this page and make others aware of its availability.

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