Frequently Asked Questions


Office Supplies

Where are the used envelopes kept?

Used envelopes are stored in a white tub next to the trash can underneath the sorting table.

Do you have a stapler? Tape? Paper clips? Scissors?

There is a stapler and tape on top of the wooden mail slots on the sorting table. These items may be used by individuals, but MAY NOT LEAVE THE DESK AREA.


How do I get to campus?

Where are particular buildings on campus?

Give visitors a campus map (located in the middle drawer on the left of the desk) and show them where to go. Circle Marbeck Center and their destination on the map.


When does mail come in and go out?

Mail arrives at 9 a.m. and is sorted and distributed usually by 11 a.m. Mail leaves for the post office at 3 p.m.

When do packages (FedEx and UPS) come?

Packages arrive to Marbeck Center at 3 p.m.

What is my mailbox combination?

There is a list with all of the mailbox combinations in the cabinet at the right side of the desk.

How do I open my mailbox?

Turn the dial to the left at least four times and land on the first number. Turn the dial to the right and pass the first number once, landing on the second number. Turn the dial to the left and stop on the third number. Now turn the dial to the right and pull the box open.

Does UPS (and FedEx) pick up mail here?

Outgoing packages that are prepaid should be taken to the B&G building.
If a faculty/staff person drops off a package to go out, make certain the package is marked To B&G for UPS/FedEx so we do not take it to the post office.

People in Charge

I need help with Campus Web.

The Technology Center in Centennial Hall can provide some assistance.

Where can I get my ID card?

ID cards are placed in mailboxes as we get them. The Technology Center sends them to us as they are printed.

Where is Mark? Where is Elizabeth? When will Mark and Elizabeth be back?

Check the dry-erase board above Jayne's workstation. If nothing is written and it is an emergency, use the phone numbers on the orange contact sheet at the desk.

Who do I talk to about

Transcripts: Registrar's Office
Payments: Business Office
Donations: Advancement Office
Discovery Day: Admissions
Employment: Financial Aid (student employment) or Human Resources (general employment)


How do I use the computers in the Loft?

Students, faculty, and staff can use the computers by logging in with their email information. There are cards with the guest login information located in the front flap of the copy binder.

Will my wireless laptop work in here?

Yes. Marbeck Center has a wi-fi signal available in Bob's Place.

I am having a problem with the ATM.

The ATM is managed by First National Bank. Users should contact the branch at the number listed on the machine.

Where can I get paper for the printer in the loft?

Paper for the loft printer is in the bottom drawer of the left side of the information desk.

The copier needs paper.

Paper for the copier is in the mailroom shelf nearest box 1208.

The printer in the loft is out of toner.

Go to the bookstore and ask for cartridge 49A. Charge it to the Tech Center Toner & Paper account.

My copy code won't work.

See Jayne, Kevin or Mark.

Marbeck Facilities

Where is the lost and found?

Marbeck Center has a lost and found behind the purple wall.

Is the bookstore open? Why not? When will they be? What about on weekends?

Bookstore hours are posted on the door of the bookstore. Special hours will be posted.

Which bulletin board is which?

1 is to the right of the bookstore, 2 is across from that, and 3 is to the left of number 2.
4 forum. 5 Kiva. 6 & 7 either side of the loft. 8 is in the Loft.

How can I turn on the TVs in Bob's Place?

Contact a Marbeck Assistant or professional staff member.

Do you have any ping-pong balls? Pool sticks?

Ping-pong balls are in the cabinet at the left side of the information desk.

A toilet is overflowing.

Contact a Marbeck Assistant or professional staff person.

What is for dinner?

I would like to reserve a room.

Contact Jayne Amstutz, Marbeck Center secretary.


Can I get a parking pass?

Marbeck Center has a temporary parking pass for guests (not students). They are located in the binder in the front desk cabinet.

I reserved a room in Centennial and it is locked.

Contact a Marbeck Assistant or professional staff member.


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