Information Desk

General information

Remember, you are not only in charge of the desk, you are responsible for all of the building, so please be aware of what is happening. Check the Daily Information Sheet and Beaver Flap as soon as you come on duty. Try to know who the contact person is for any special activity so that you can communicate with him/her if necessary. Know where the various meeting rooms are in order to give accurate directions to guests.

The Information desk is an area that should be maintained in a professional manner. The following expectations are to be followed at all times:

  • Only Marbeck staff members on duty may be behind the main desk.
  • Only Marbeck staff members on duty may control the PA system.
  • No one, including and especially Marbeck Staff should play games on the main desk.
  • No one should ever sit on the desk.
  • Visitation with friends must be limited.  Do not allow groups to gather and hang on or around the desk.
  • Noise around the desk should be kept down.  You must be able to hear to answer the telephone.
  • Keep all work on the lower portion of the desk.

Respond immediately and courteously to any student, faculty, staff or guest who comes to the desk. Never respond with an "I can't help" or "It's not my job" or "Someone else goofed" or (fill in the blank). In many cases, you are the only resource for information. Use maps, directories, handbooks, concise directions, calls to other offices, etc., to help anyone with a question.

Personal calls (both at the desk and on a cell phone) must be limited and never take priority.

Weekend coverage

Weekend coverage of the information desk/switchboard is from 6 -11 p.m. on Friday, 8 a.m. -11 p.m. on Saturday, and 8 a.m. -noon on Sunday. There are generally two desk managers assigned to cover each weekend. Together, you will decide which hours you will each cover over the weekend.

Morning & evening desk manager responsibilities

Morning desk manager will need to take the phone off of Night Service and check the switchboard voicemail for any messages. To take the phone off of Night Service simply press the button with the crescent moon symbol. Push this same button to turn on the Night Service.

The desk manager on duty when the building closes should put the switchboard phone into Night Service. This is done by simply pressing the button with the crescent moon symbol. The word night will appear on the display panel.

Important phone numbers

  • University main: 419-358-3000
  • University fax: 419-358-3323
  • On-campus emergency: dial 5-9-1-1
  • Admissions toll-free 800-488-3257  

University main address

1 University Drive
Bluffton, OH 45817-2104

Information desk phones

All phones located behind the information desk are for business use only. Patrons asking to use one of these phones should be directed to the free campus phone (for campus and local calls) and the pay phone (for long distance calls) located under the south stairway near the Coke machines.

Payphone refunds

We do not give refunds for money lost in pay telephones. Tell the caller to contact the telephone company for a refund. If the pay telephone is out of order, leave a message for the secretary and the problem with it. The pay phone under the stairs is 419-358-5921.

Checking items behind the desk

Check items behind the desk only in special cases; e.g. cameras, radios, etc. Encourage students to leave valuables in their rooms when possible.

PA system/radio/CD player 

The radio of Marbeck Center is to be used as background music only. Therefore maintain stations with mild music and little talking. Do not make exceptions for others or for your own music tastes. Everyone must be consistent with this policy. Keep the radio monitor loud enough to be sure it is receiving a clear signal. Don't turn the volume higher than 5 on the master or CD dials or 2 on the tuner dial. 

The CD player can also be used to provide music for Marbeck Center. Only use the CDs provided or ones approved by the director or assistant director. The volume for the CD player is controlled by the CD and master dials.  

The PA (public address system) is operated by turning down all auxiliary volume controls (i.e. CD or tuner) and turning the master dial up all the way. Press and release the button on the microphone. Once the chimes have stopped speak slowly and clearly into the microphone. Press and release the button again to disengage. If the red light on the microphone is on then so are you. If the PA does not seem to be working, try turning up the individual dials located in each of the upstairs alcoves and in the Gallery Lounge and Loft.


Announcements must be written legibly and dated before Marbeck Staff can make them over the PA. All announcements must be authorized by the director, assistant director or secretary.  Sorry - no wishing "Happy Birthday" to anyone.