A message for Marbeck staff

From the director,

Be alert to assist students, faculty, staff and visitors who call or come to the Information Desk for assistance. This requires that you always are aware of activity at the desk area. Many are too timid to interrupt a person who appears to be engaged in another task. It is your responsibility to offer assistance to those who appear to need it. A simple "May I help you?" is a great way to start!

If you do not know the answer to an inquiry, attempt to find out the answer. It is your responsibility to inform yourself as best you can by reading posted notices, The Beaver Flap, reviewing the calendar, reading the Marbeck Daily Information Sheet, etc.

As a final resort, ask a co-worker or supervisor who may know the answer. This should be a last resort in the sense that you must make it your business to learn the answers to commonly asked questions. While it is important for you to learn where to get information, your value to Marbeck Center lies in your having information, not just in being able to elicit it from someone else.

Never let your first and last response to a question be, "I don't know." You will be asked many questions, the answers to which you will have no way of knowing. In those cases you should try to draw from the inquirer any information that might help you identify another person or department that might have the answer to their question. Simply try to be as helpful as you can be.

Treat others the way that you would want them to treat you.