The 35th Annual English Festival

Nov. 13, 2018

High school sophomores, juniors and seniors are invited onto campus for the English Festival. The English Festival at Bluffton University, now celebrating its 35th year, offers students an intensive day of literary and writing activities based on various literary sources, with a particular emphasis on festival readings. To register, request a registration form from the festival coordinator at your school.

2018 Festival resource list

All participants will read the materials listed below in preparation for the festival. Writing exercises, readings and discussions will be based on knowledge of these resources. Bring these materials with you to the festival. The books are available at online booksellers.

"How to Survive a Summer" and "Sweet and Low" by Nick White

Festival workshops & events

The day's events will feature an invigorating mix of impromptu writing, college-level discussions and sessions with the guest author. 

2018 Festival workshops

  • Workshop I:
    Ripped from the Headlines: Flash Fiction
    Jamie Lyn Smith, fiction author and assistant professor of English, will engage students in an open-genre generative writing prompt using news as a springboard for creativity.

  • Workshop II:
    Reading People: Understanding Characters through Close Textual Analysis                      Cynthia Bandish, English professor, explores how writers create three-dimensional characters in their work.

  • Workshop III:
    How to Make a Good Poem Better?
    Discover revision options and opportunities in poems submitted for the poetry contest with Dr. Jeff Gundy, poet and English professor.


Festival events

11 a.m.
Yoder Recital Hall
All festival registrants will join Bluffton University students and faculty for the weekly Forum program, featuring guest author Nick White, assistant professor of English, The Ohio State University. 

4 p.m.
Reading Room Musselman Library


Registration process

If you are a high school sophomore, junior or senior interested in stretching your imagination and skills through encounters with literature and writing experiences, fill out a student registration form (available from the festival coordinator at your school) and return it to him/her with the $7 registration fee. This fee covers a cafeteria lunch and all festival events.

You will be notified of your registration status through your coordinator. Meanwhile, begin to get acquainted with the festival readings.