Online resources

There are a plethera of educational resources being made available online and free of charge during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is obviously not a comprehensive list, just a few select few to get you started.

Internet access: Comcast, Spectrum will provide free Internet access for a limited time to low-income families.

Phonics: Crack the Code is an interactive phonics program designed to assist older students in becoming literate. Students can log on and indepenantly engage in videos, concentration games, decodable text and concentration games. First month free.

Online summer classes:  Summer Camp Hub lists completely free online summer camps to keep your child's mind active and continuously expanding their knowledge. 

Krysti's Music Studio: Facebook Live sessions will be offered weekdays at 11 a.m. with music learning and sing-alongs for kids. Geared toward preschool/early elementary students.

Explore: Livecams of animals of all types, insects, bears, farm animals, birds, dogs, cats and more.

Cincinnati Zoo: Home Safari Facebook Live sessions will be offered weekdays at 3 p.m. Each session will highlight an animal and provide an activity that you can do at home. 

Storyline online: Actors and actresses, including Betty White, read children's books aloud.

San Diego Zoo: San Diego Zoo Kids website includes videos, stories, games and more featuring your favorite animals.

FarmFood 360: This Canadian site offers 11 Virtual farm tours.

Walkabouts: Active learning platform for students in Pre-K through second grade. Move while your student learns.

Arcademics: Arcade + Academics = fun learning for grades 1-6, complete in mathematics, language arts and more.

Scholastic: Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking and growing. For grades Pre-K through 6+. A full online curriculum for children ages 2-8 is providing free access with the code SCHOOL7771.

Adventures in Familyhood: Virtual field trips, links to art museums, zoos, aquariums and more, with ideas for activities.