Emily Huxman, binational oratory winner

Binational oratory champion

Emily Huxman,  won the 2015 binational C. Henry Smith Peace Oratorical Contest. In her speech, “Reducing Global Violence against Women through Education,” Huxman shared her passion for reducing global violence toward women through education and empowerment.

Past presentations

C. Henry Smith Peace Oratorical Contest Archive

Speeches from the 2017 Contest
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  • Claire Clay, 1st place, "Social Media and Conflict: Eradicating Online Drama through Compassion and Peacemaking"
  • Eric Beachy, 2nd place, "Making Peace through Restorative Agriculture"
  • Olivia Poole, 3rd place, "Restoring Peace by Challenging White Privilege"
  • Katey Ebaugh, "Muslim People: Terrorized, not Terrorists"

2016 Contest

  • Rebecca Starn, 1st place, “Peace through Female Education”
  • Angel Huerta, 2nd place, “The Epidemic of Domestic Violence” 
  • Jonah Eckert, 3rd place, “Fighting Hunger to Promote Peace”

2015 Contest

  • Emily Huxman, 1st place, “Reducing Global Violence against Women through Education”
    >>> Binational contest first place
  • Chay Reigle, 2nd place, “The Fourth Estate of Peacemaking”
  • Venessa Owsley, 3rd place, “Making Bluffton a Safe Space”

2014 Contest

  • Mary Schrag, 1st place, “Shooting Chivalry”
  • Emily Huxman, 2nd place, “Turning Swords into Ploughshares One Story at a Time”
  • Rebecca Juliana, 3rd place, “Out of the Closet, Out of a Job?"

2013 Contest

  • Brent Schroeder, 1st place, “Being Seated at the Table of Christ: Ritual and Disability”
  • Katie Wineland, 2nd place, “Queering Bluffton: Embracing the Other, Embracing our Own”
  • Nathan Barber, 3rd place, “Saving Afghanistan”