Church Relations

Students enjoy the Nature Preserve

Bluffton University was founded in 1899 as an institution to educate young people of the Middle District of the General Conference Mennonite Church. Soon, related groups in the United States and Canada were included in its constituency. Today Bluffton University is one of five Mennonite colleges affiliated with Mennonite Church USA. Bluffton has been a Mennonite institution from the very beginning, but always has included  students irrespective of sex, color, nationality or church affiliation.  Bluffton University helps Mennonite students grow in an appreciation and commitment to the fundamental elements of the Mennonite faith and practice; it also provides a value system for all students that include justice, respect, care for the earth, service and peaceful coexistence. 

Bluffton strives to maintain a close relationship with the denomination's congregations in a variety of ways including submitting annual reports to MCUSA area conferences and attending many of the annual gatherings, participating in the biennial MCUSA convention, being involved with the Mennonite Education Agency and seeking counsel of pastors through the Bluffton University President's Council of Church Leaders and Minister in Residence program.

Bluffton serves the church by hosting events such as MCUSA Central District Conference and Ohio Conference annual gatherings. We assist congregations with worship and educational needs via Camerata Singers, faculty speakers and The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center.   

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