Specialty breads

In addition to the staple Banana Walnut, Pumpkin and Asiago Cheddar breads, occasionally The Bluffton Bread Company creates specialty breads for the holidays. Previous specialty breads have included the following.

Bluffton Bread Company Chocolate Peppermint bread

Our special holiday flavor, this bread is decadent to the excess. Each loaf of chocolate peppermint bread features double the amount of milk chocolate chips used in similar recipes, is dusted with a layer of cocoa powder and coffee, and is finished with a glaze of peppermint and white chocolate. This bread is the perfect gift for the holiday season, but we won’t tell if you keep it for yourself.

Triple Chocolate Bread

Perfect for the chocolate lover in your life (even if that is you), this bread features a chocolate base filled with chocolate chips. For a truly decadent touch, we added a cookie crumble topping drizzled with chocolate ganache. It’s so rich, this bread could be the death of you, but in reality, the triple chocolate bread gives you life.