Bluffton Beaver Day

Bluffton alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends make a difference in our world

Sarah DaileyFrom Bluffton to Las Vegas to Bahrain, alumni, students and friends are spreading Bluffton's values near and far. Thank you for celebrating Bluffton Beaver Day 2018 with us on April 6.
Like all good Beavers, as described by Coach A.C. Burcky in the late 1920s, members of the Bluffton University community are working to leave the world a better place, they are resourceful and accomplishing more with less.*
Bluffton Beavers celebrated the many roles we play by wearing Bluffton purple and/or their favorite Bluffton apparel on Bluffton Beaver Day. Many shared some BeaversAll photos. We discovered connections we didn’t previously know existed. 
Because We Are #BeaversAll

* From Dancing with the Kobzar by Perry Bush, Bluffton’s centennial history